• Ben Ellis

Bunker Buddies Rebirth

Andie and Ben were fans of prepping for the apocalypse.

They went around collecting gear for all the ways that the world around them could fall apart. Scenarios of disaster, destruction, and despair were testing with varying strategies. If municipal services were to stop, they could be self sustaining. Should they need to venture off the beaten path, their vehicles were always ready to take them there. There were go bags filled with sharp instruments, provisions, and tools to sustain a shelter. Once people began fighting they would have a place to go, an escape route, a search to find a bunker to ride out the storm.

These buddies were ready. They could feel the world shifting as tensions were mounting everywhere around them. All they were looking out for was the call to action. The flare streaking red hot against the night sky that would tell them to put their plans in to action.

Unexpectedly, the call came from within.

They could feel their foundation shift, a gentle crack opening from within. Each of them always anticipated a negative world to develop around them, but neither of them expected a glistening white light to emerge inside of themselves.

All the previous training and prepping couldn’t directly assist them on this internal journey, but what it did give them was the readiness to answer this call to adventure. Their home was reconfigured to be their bunker. Instead building a safe harbor for the outside world, they ended up erecting a safe harbor to explore the worlds within themselves.

Each journey inward developed new skills to go deeper. These adventures required heightened traits of emotions, empathy, and self encouragement. Although each ultimately had to journey inwards on their own, they always felt as if they were going in together. By venturing down slightly different paths they could create a more in depth map of their internal beings. They nurtured the wounds of one another each time they returned. Their space continued to remain their stronghold for internal self discovery.

After their journeys inward with one another, they are opening the door of their bunker back open to the outside world and helping others journey inward.

The bunker buddies.

Follow along on Andie & Ben's journey and become a part of their Soul Team. 



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