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Cannabis and positive vibes with Rachel Wolfson

Ok, I'm sure y'all have figured out by now that the picture is actually of me and not Rachel Wolfson(https://www.instagram.com/wolfiecomedy/?hl=en). That's my bad, she was our first guest in our new zen den bunker and I totally forgot to whip out the camera. But y'all still love us anyway right?! RIGHT?!

Well thankfully Andie and I shoot a ton of photos so there's usually another one ready to fit the topic! This episode we're talking about self positivity practices and cannabis. The image above is from last winter when the buddies bugged out along the West Coast (separate blog post to follow soon). That journey was one of escape, freedom, and self discovery all rolled into one.

At the time we had a number of responsibilities mounting, but some times the biggest responsibility of all is taking time for your own self.

Let's get to the next topic, cannabis. For us, we specifically add use cannabis more as part of a ritualistic practice and less for the high. It's like using it more in the vein of tea rather than alcohol.

So come listen below as we dive into another great time in the bunker. Or subscribe through your favorite podcast player!



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