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Miss Monika Smith

Monika Smith (http://www.missmonikasmith.com/) has been a longtime friend. She's been on the podcast in the past, and has always been a delight.

She has a particular energy and creativity that you just have to see to believe. We highly recommend you visit her website and attend one of her one woman shows. She performs a solo improv set that, well you just have to see it to believe it. (we're sure she'll have her own Netflix special soon)

Part of what makes her one woman improv sets so unique is how well she knows and presents each individual character. It's a talent that can really only be performed by someone who is confident with their own self and voice for them to so perfectly put on the identity of another.

In this episode we talk about her journey within as she searched for positivity in life and lives with a chronic disease. But that doesn't hold her back at all. Instead we often run into Monika dancing through life.

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