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No More Kensho

Hey y'all! I'm super excited for this new section of our website!

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I'll tell you what, this road to where we are now with Bunker Buddies has been an absolute journey in the best of ways. We're really in the Jeremy Bearimy timeline here!

We know that we're aiming to do something different and with that comes a windy road of an adventure. We could talk about the debt that we're racking up, the drops in listeners, or the struggle to confidently share our thoughts and opinions.


No, this new Bunker Buddies is about making the conscious decision to share hope. So nothing new here (still hope and cheesecake). We're focusing on the SATORI STORIES.

time for a little terminology

In our latest podcast episodes we've been using the words Kensho & Satori quite a bit. So let's bring y'all up to speed. During our winter deep internal dive we stumbled upon a Bruce Lee documentary on the bonus disk of the Enter the Dragon DVD. (I'm telling you, we went deep)

Bruce Lee wasn't just a fighter, he was a philosopher as well. He, much like the Bunker Buddies, taught a practice of martial arts that was less of a specific practice and more of an encouragement to learn as much as possible and confidently make your own style. His dojo was no dojo. Instead, the dojo was always inside each individual person.

Ok so we've got our own personal dojo going, what's next?

We keep learning through our experiences.

So let's go out into the world and learn! We learn all the time out in the world from our natural experiences. Don't believe me? Just get a puppy and watch how it continually experiments with the world around it to learn how to operate in it.

Andie just got this cute little guy so puppy examples are on my mind.

This little guy gleefully tries out his world around him to see how it works. Kinda like little experiments. Only, he experiments a little bit differently than most of us humans out in the world.

You see, us humans love the tale of personal struggle and learning from it. The tales of rags to riches, struggle to success, from the bottom now we here. This is learning through pain. KENSHO

The puppy is a little bit different. He's a joy machine. Literally throwing himself into the world in a constant search for joy. When he finds joy, he plays in joy. When there's no longer joy, he searches for more joy. He's learning through positivity. SATORI

This is the direction the Bunker Buddies are going in. The direction of the light. The direction that takes us away from the apocalypse and leads us to more fun in the world.

So we could talk about our struggles, and we will from time to time (we're not perfect) just like the old Bunker Buddies. But, wouldn't it be more fun to talk about the positive?

We think so, and based on the absolutely beautiful responses we've already gotten from listeners y'all are too. So let's find more joy in the world and share it with others.


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