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This is an episode that we knew was gonna come for a few months. It's our initial MIND ADVENTURE.

While Andie and I were taking our winter sabbatical we dove into lots of guided meditation. This is a great way to create more positive space in the mind. A big thing about the new Bunker Buddies is that we're looking to destigmatize the inner discovery process.

So here we are with our first MIND ADVENTURE. It's a moment for you to relax, let some space free up in your mind, and then go on an internal adventure filled with fun fantasy guided by Andie.

Y'all just need to hear it to believe it.

So take a listen to the episode below or subscribe through your favorite podcast player!



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So make sure you're subscribed to our podcast to get more of these in the future. Andie and I already have some BIG plans for where we think Mind Adventures will go next!

In the mean time, here's a link to another mini MIND ADVENTURE! This time with video!


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